Sunday, 28 July 2013

Instant Fix Insecurity Old Man Betrayal Distraction

Instant Fix Insecurity Old Man Betrayal Distraction.

Nine kids laughing at me,
Not my kids, kids that are nineteen.
Nine nice kids, nine nonchalant faces laughing at me.
Prettier than me.
Not so oddly put together.
Me, the bumbling oaf, in Sesame Street,
Saying everything sin-appropriate.

And I want to speak;
And the overpowering urge to speak conquers
And I look at the girl to the left of me
And she’s beautiful, truly beautiful
And she has beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile
And I’m thinking, “Oh my God, you are so beautiful I just have to hold you.”
And then I remember I’m not drunk
And it’s the middle of the day
And I’m there with my big stupid face,
Saying tiny stupid things,
With my big stupid nose.

And I only wanted a hug,
Like Lenniewithnailrain Manwiththechildinhiseyes,
Who must apologise to his wife,
For being a constant fuck-up,
And always letting his desires,
Precede his thoughts.


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