Sunday, 28 July 2013

Her, her

Her, Her.

Gradually, came the gradual lie,
The forceful lie forcefully.

Behind a thin margin, all
The marginal,
Exist once in existence,
As fateful eyes,
See fate full of lies,
And watch master fall,
In his masterful guise.

Special eyes which specialise,
In the puerile,
On the pure Isle,
Which cannot respond
From the watercress pond,
Where fortune ate fortunate,
And temper ate temperate.

Prime all to act primal,
With tact, lest
They should pay the tactless.
Feigning mercy, lest
They should appear merciless.

A game to urge ants,
To become insurgents.
The last few tiles in faded mosaic,
Illustrate the last futile ache, hope, loss,
To the hopeless.

Give her a wage, her,
The wager, waiting,
On mental men till,
She sees the ember go
Out on embargo.
Sees the fury - us
The furious,
We, the villain - us
The villainous.

The nerve!
Came the gradual lies.

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