Monday, 16 December 2013

awareness enhancer

Oh Cancer,
Satan are you,
Worst of the worst
Debt which is due.

While Blake wrote of Heaven,
And Milton of Hell,
Both were aware,
Of the sickening smell,
And the site of,
That grips our vision,
Shares to see,
That foul cancer,
Which grips,
And kills,
He and she.

if I had never loved you
i might never feel this way
clouded by doubt
covered in clay
immersed in…
and now I curse love
and never again
will allow myself
to slowly bend
to affection
or familiarity
to selection
or familiarity

Oh Cancer,
Assistant of Death,
Oh cruellest brother,
Cometh, cometh,
And stoop so low,
To the lowest depths,
Of reality,
And below,
The fury,
Of immediate,
To eternal lands,
Raped and pillaged,
And left in strands.

Oh Cancer,
Awareness enhancer,
You eat away at my soul,
For the indiscriminate,
Unholy hole,
You left in the world,
For those we knew,
We loved and cared for,
Young and old,
But never spared for,
All the beauty of this earth,
The trees and mountains,
Paths and streams,
And all the divine,
Hopes and dreams,
Of children, parents,
Friends and lovers,
Artists, doctors,
Fathers, mothers,
And all the things,
Laid in between…

No Cancer,
You make your way through,
No matter what,
Satan are you,
For taking away,
In the fashion you did.

if I had never loved you
i might never feel this way
immersed, immersed

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