Thursday, 27 February 2014

Pits of Joy

these little pits of joy exist
in an otherwise dark existence
these little pits of joy persist
with no cause for their persistence

this photo
two smiling children
tears of joy
porridge smells
and the biting cold set in

these little moments
these scratched toys
from the bagintheloft
two little boys
these amnesic snow drifts
elated escapes
T...tiny, T...tiny
t'tiny detailed shapes

then here comes the grief
but wouldn't you know
not wholly irrevocable
as the
two smiling children
we miss you always
smile, smile
through all the days

because they won't rub out
those sketches of joys
carved in the road
when we were boys
yes again
and again
these little pits
lower me in
beyond my wits

oh joy
these little pits of joy
to keep me here
and not to be missed

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