Thursday, 5 September 2013

Suicide Note

(Confessional Poem III - The Goodbye Note)

Thank-you and I’m sorry lie hand-in-hand
On the grubby towel damp from the land
And if heaven’s a pawn shop in the sky
Then Hell’s an apology by and by
For grabbing the things I could never afford
And pawning the rest for little reward

Thank-you and I’m sorry sit hand-in-hand
With no towel now, alone in the sand
And if heaven is open, then Hell should be shut
If only that feeling were not in our gut
That it’s likely to be the other way round
With heaven up there - Hell here on the ground

Thank-you and I’m sorry will never suffice
To pay you back the extortionate price
I bled from you, year on year
By trading my faulty, emotional gear

Thank-you, I’m sorry, is all I've got left
I’m sorry that now I leave you bereft
To pay back my debts from your own account
For the nothing, we knew, to which I’d amount
Thank-you and I'm sorry, for letting you down.


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